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We deliver boxes of ugly and surplus fruit and veg straight to your door. Organic & biodynamic, of course.

The GRIM Box

GRIM is the freshest new food box delivery in town. Seriously.

We've made it our mission to create a new quality standard for what is edible. Say hi to GRIM!

GRIM is Danish for "ugly" and Denmark's first fruit and veg box delivery service that exclusively ships imperfect-looking and surplus produce. Why? If an apple or carrot is not big, red or straight enough, it cannot be sold in a supermarket. We think this is absolute nonsense, which marked the birth of our baby called GRIM.

GRIM works as a subscription and you can get a small or big box delivered to your home weekly or every second week. One thing we can promise is that we'll keep surprising you with a good mix of basic staples and funky fresh items - of course 100% sourced from organic & biodynamic certified farmers, therefore 100% in season.

How It Works

We source ethically from organic farmers

To bring the ugly ones from farm to you, we work together with a handful of awesome organic farmers, who are predominantly located in Denmark 🇩🇰

By directly sourcing from farms, we pay farmers a fair price for all the love, time and resources they put into growing our food - also food that is ugly. As a consequence, we are able to cut out many of the middlemen and thereby make sure your fresh stuff travels shorter distances and has a lower environmental footprint.

With GRIM, we want to enable more people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Go greens! ✊


Our core values guide everything we do

  • Grim sustainability


    The guiding principle behind everything we do is to reduce the negative environmental impact of our food systems. Full stop ✋

  • Grim inclusion


    At GRIM, we love and welcome all shapes, sizes and colours 🌈

  • Grim transparency


    We think that everyone is entitled to know what they eat and where their food comes from.

  • Grim fun


    It’s a serious mission we are on - but while we do it, might as well have a bit of fun. Because look at those weird apples, failed oranges and disfigured cucumbers - how liberating!

We are trying to change what people think about food. — Petra Kaukua, co-founder and CEO of GRIM
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Food Waste

Food waste doesn’t make sense

About 1/6 of all veggies and fruit grown worldwide are lost on farms, where in some cases every second piece is tossed due to cosmetic flaws. EVERY SECOND.

In Denmark alone, that amounts to about 160.000 tons a year. It’s a pain to the farmers, and of course, Mother Earth. Globally about 21% of the world’s freshwater use and 28% of arable land goes to grow food we don’t eat. At the same time we are worried that we don’t have enough food for the growing population.

So really, eating GRIM fruits and veggies just makes complete sense.

GRIM's Impact

  • 15 tons

    of food saved

  • 60.000 DKK

    of income created for farmers

Our Beginnings

From day 1 … F*** beauty standards

It all started out as a university project, when two food waste opponents and good friends Petra and Carolin went out to explore how wasteful behaviour is rooted within our society.

After countless sessions of dumpster diving (you should all try it), a fair amount of research and never-ending discussions, we encountered an oh-so familiar issue in today’s world. And that’s why we started GRIM: because we believe that enough is enough.

F\*\** beauty standards and embrace diversity - not just in food, but in life ✌️